Our meetings are held in the Redpoll Centre's main conference room, located on the 2nd floor of Shell Place (at MacDonald Island Park).  



December's meeting is Tuesday, December 17th starting at 6:30pm.

Join us as we wrap up the year!

Meeting Agendas


Wondering what happens when we get together?  

Meetings are organized but casual.  Come as you are!  

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • News, Announcements & Official Club Business
  • Previous Monthly Showcase Presentations/Discussion
  • Introduction of next Monthly Showcase
  • Tutorials/Tips/Challenge
  • Member Photo Critique/Special Presentation
  • Open Topics Discussion

Want to find out a little more before you commit to membership?  

Come be our guest for the first two meetings!  

Monthly Showcases


Every month is centred around an image creation theme 

- which we call our Monthly Showcase Challenge.


 All our tutorials, tips, challenges and activities are focused on this theme in order to give us a photographic goal to work towards throughout the month. 

Members send in one of the images they created throughout the month to be shared at the following meeting.  These images can be one that was successful or one that they are not happy with.  It's a great opportunity to learn and grow and each photographer is free to receive feedback if they desire or simply share the story behind the image.  

We want to celebrate the individual creativity of every photographer!