Located in Fort McMurray, Alberta, the Wood Buffalo Photography Club is 

a fellowship of photographers who gather together to share the love of creating images. 

Our mission is to provide a safe environment to create, inspire, share, and grow in photography

Membership is open to all levels, from the beginner to the professional.


Fellowship of Photographers

Do you love photography as much as we do?  

We're not concerned about the brand or the gear (although we may get into a lively discussion about graduated filters or post-processing software every once in a while).  What we are passionate about is photography - whether it's with a camera phone, a new mirrorless or a DSLR, we just want to get shooting.  We love having a place where we can share our images with like-minded folks and ask questions when we're trying something new.  

Executive Team

The Club has a team of volunteers working hard behind the scenes to organize all the meetings, events, learning opportunities and activities.  

Communications: Kathleen Brennan

Learning: Walter Dick, Troy Hrehirchuk

Activities: Amanda Horning, Carolyn Murray


Does the Wood Buffalo Photography Club offer formal photography courses?

The WBPC does not offer formal photography classes.  There are many opportunities to learn and grow, to ask questions and trouble-shoot but it is within the informal nature of our Club activities.  

Is the WBPC really for every level of photographer?

You bet!  We work hard at making the WBPC a safe place for all photographers, whatever level you are at.  Because the focus is on the fellowship of photography then it doesn't really matter if you're a seasoned pro, just starting out or only dabble here and there.  There's lots of opportunities to try things out or challenge yourself  - all at your own pace.  

What type of photography does the WBPC focus on?

We have a variety of interests in the group!  Many of our members lean towards nature photography, natural light photography and portraits of family members but the common thread is that we all love photography and a good challenge.  Our activities are often active and outdoors but we are mindful to find ways to stretch ourselves.  We aim to create activities that appeal to a wide variety of interests.  Maybe you're the one to bring a new perspective to the table!

What can I expect from the monthly meetings?

Check out our Meetings  page to discover what happens when we gather at the Redpoll Centre every month.